Washington D.C. -- 2009

We had a great trip. We spent between 5 and 7 hours every day, for four days, seeing the sights or getting from one location to the next. We used the train system exclusively and it was an excellent way to get around. We both purchased SmarTrip passes ($35 each) online, at home. You just place them on the turnstile. We took the train more often than I can remember and, when we were done, we still had about $11 on the cards.

If you want to take serious photos, I suggest you bring a tripod and have plenty of time on your hands. These pictures are hand held snapshots. Most indoor photos must be made without a flash, and some of the interiors were very dim. I had to discard a number of them and even some these are poor quality. Also, quite a few places don't allow pictures (Star Spangled Banner, Constitution, Declaration of Independence, etc.).

Nevertheless, I hope they convey what a great time we had. The pictures are presented in the order taken, as we proceeded. A lot of the images were visually compressed (height & width), to recover a little detail.


September 13- Arrival / Hotel

Monday- White House & Mall

Monday- WWII Memorial

Monday- Lincoln & Vietnam Memorials

Monday- On the way back

Tuesday-Supreme Court


Tuesday-Arlington National Cemetery

Wednesday- Mostly Air & Space Museum

Wednesday- Air & Space Museum II

Wednesday- Air & Space Museum III

Thursday- National Gallery of Art (East)

Thursday- National Gallery of Art (West) Part I

Thursday- National Gallery of Art (West) Part II

Thursday- National Gallery of Art (West) Part III

Thursday- Sackler, American Art & National Portrait Gallery -- Part 1

Thursday- American Art & National Portrait Gallery -- Part 2