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Dear Global Friends,

I support you in finding your freedom, happiness and well being, and the same for your family, loved ones and friends. Wherever you live. Period.

I developed this web site to allow me to use my name in professional (engineering & web design) email correspondences and to, occasionally, store helpful, non-private information that I can access on the road.

I have many pastimes. Over fourty years experience in industrial design and over thirty-five in software programming. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, a simple working man's philosophy, and I'm interested in animal care, traditional healing, energy conservation & innovation, gardening, prayer and meditation.

I'm a Christian, yet I have a deep appreciation for all world religions and I frequently study The Bible, the Dhammapada, Tao Te Ching, the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita (to name a few).

I also play the guitar and love astronomy. Not that the two necessarily go together. I love my home and my wonderful family, but I've spent a good deal of my time living and working in interesting and sometimes amazing places.

Kind Regards,

Wayne Weber

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