Phase 2

I continue to accept web design and programming assignments but, now that I'm semiretired, I have more time to persue my primary interests. Something is always in the garden year-round. Virtually all of my seeds, roots and bulbs are heirloom, open pollinated varieties and, in one case, I've cross pollinated a new variety of roma tomato that you'll only find in my garden. It is delicious.

I've managed to create a few new paintings, mosaics and pastels, I make picture frames from rough lumber and cut my own mats, and I sell Japanese Nine Star Ki publications online, via the Blooming Grove Studio. I've become a fairly serious writer, too. As you can see, I have many interests and don't know how to specialize.

I love spending time with my family and we have plenty of room when they visit. From May to September we play in the pool. We have a family-care obligation that normally keeps us close to home but we plan to eventually downsize and travel. We've utilized a macrobiotic diet since the 1980's so we're both in decent health (knock on wood, touch iron).

We originally bought this house, thinking that we would live our lives out here. But it's a country setting with large properties and, for reasons I can't explain, some neighbors think it's okay to discharge firearms in their yards. Sad, because, other than that, it's like living in a park with birds and wildlife everywhere. But we still seek the dream and, as one door closes, another will surely open. I urge you to follow your dream. It probably won't turn out as you expected. It'll likely be far better.

Life has been great. I'm glad to have this opportunity to branch out. And I don't mind telling you that I enjoy staying up until I'm tired and sleeping as long as I please. I have an alarm clock but it's a fossil from a previous time.

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