My Electrical Engineering Services

I bring over 40 years of experience to your venture. And, for over 20 years, I specialized in international engineering projects; designing and constructing machines and production lines on one continent, and installing them on another. All the while, meeting the legal and code requirements of every participating nation.

I follow up on every electrical design and software program that I create, providing after-sales service and start-up support.

My customers expect me to design it right and to make it work; to land on my feet at any location on the globe and to follow through with their production requirements. I know the preferred electrical component brands, in any given country, and how to contact the appropriate government agencies and technical resources. More importantly, I come with a true interest in the local people and their culture.

I come prepared, with background on technical, legal, local and national codes; including up-to-date medical inoculations for some of the harshest health conditions on the planet.

I have considerable experience in paper handling and international business. My background includes an array of applications; such as assembly line layouts, construction site coordination, global procurement, PLC and servo programming, secondary power distribution, machine control, and a basic knowledge of the non-electrical engineering disciplines. My complete resume and letters of commendation are available upon request.

As of 2015, I'm accepting work that can be completed in my home office, with minimal or no travel. I will consider light web design, PLC & motion programming, wiring diagrams and panel layouts.

Thank You,

Wayne Weber - (01) 513 273 2044

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